Sint Maarten Explore: Five Nights at Sint Maarten

February 14th 2023 in Travel
Sint Maarten Explore: Five Nights at Sint Maarten

Five Nights at St. Maarten

If you enjoy the nightlife and want to explore Saint Maarten, here are five fun nightlife activities you can do while here.

Tango on a Cruise

On this three-hour tour from St. Maarten, you can watch the sunset and taste Creole cuisine on a catamaran. After that, cruise to Long Bay or Simpson Bay for supper. Sip beverages from the minibar and munch on complimentary canapés while the sun sets behind the skyline. Dessert and Caribbean rum round out the meal.

As Caribbean rhythms flood the air, the night gets better and livelier. Enjoy music and dancing as you float across the moonlight sky. Grooving to the beat is the only way to go!

Relax with the Sunset

Are you looking for a pleasant nautical adventure? On this cruise, you’ll board a trimaran for a sleek and enjoyable voyage. The two-hour journey is a genuine delight, with visitors providing beverages and refreshments while travelling down the coast of St. Maarten and taking in the magnificent sights. Everything starts at 4:30 p.m. in the winter and 5 p.m. in the summer.

You’ll be well-rested when you get back to the pier and want to do it all over again! This trip, accommodating up to 14 people, provides a cosy yet engaging experience.

Sip Champange on a Jetski

During this sunset cruise, sip champagne in the middle of the water. Expert guides will accompany your small groups as you sail towards the setting sun beyond the horizon. If you want, you can stop by some beaches and go snorkelling.

All equipment is provided, and you need a passion for adventure. Enjoy the stunning vistas, and remember to take photos throughout the one-and-a-half-hour excursion.

Tony Taxi Tour

So, if you don't like going to bars, clubs, or casinos, that's fine! Because Tony's Taxi Tours can provide you with a fun night out without the hangover! Tony's Taxi Tours will be your tour guide and show you things you never knew were on the island. They'll show you about the island, educate you about the rich history of the Dutch and French sides, and deliver (and pick you up) to your destination. Tony Taxi Tours is consistently ranked as one of the top things to do on the island.

Boat Pub Crawl

The Caribbean is stunning. The rich greens, colourful foliage, and flowers make it gorgeous, and on top of that, there are the aqua blues of several lagoons and the Caribbean sea. All that is wonderful and something that every traveller should experience while there, but there is also the stunning night sky. Boat charters are ideal for both day and nighttime excursions. Celine Charters is perfect for an evening on the water. Bring some buddies and some of your favourite drinks, and spend the evening cruising around Simpson Bay Lagoon.

Celine Charters provides vistas that are only available in St. Martin. Celine Charters also provides an exclusive service: the Boat Pub Crawl! Celine Charters will take you to various lounges and restaurants in Simpson Bay, and somebody will serve an entree, appetiser, dessert, and drink. Celine Charters is ideal for a night out with friends and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.