Entertainment: Tango Cruise with Dinner

June 22nd 2023 in Travel
Entertainment: Tango Cruise with Dinner

Tango Cruise with Dinner

During a three-hour cruise from St. Martin, sail from the Pelican Marina through Simpson Bay and feast on a Caribbean-stle meal. Enjoy a completely open bar and food as you ride down the coast. Return to the marina after dark for a Creole buffet-stle supper.

A 3-hour dinner cruise from St. Martin takes you along the waters of Simpson Bay. Tango, a substantial 63-foot catamaran and Lambada's sister ship may be boarded at Pelican Marina. Then you'll embark on a supper cruise in the Caribbean.

Arrive in casual attire and unwind while Tango takes off. While sailing the island's shoreline, you will be offered drinks and nibbles and have access to an open bar.

The anchor is dropped just after dusk, and a buffet meal is provided on board the catamaran.

Dine on Creole chicken, luscious baby back ribs, salads, pieces of bread, rice & beans, and steaming vegetables. Following that, you will be served dessert. Then, till the evening concludes, enjoy music and dancing.